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A variety of different specifications, brands of colored optical glass filters: Detailed information please click colored glass index 

Heat Absorbing Glass(GRB1、GRB2、GRB3、KG1、KG3、KG5);

UV glass (Black, purple glass ZWB1、ZWB2、ZWB3)

optical glass A variety of colorless glass plane mirror, including a variety of colorless optical glass (Such as: K1-K9, F, LaK series);

 A variety of quartz glass:JGS1、JGS2、JGS3,ect;

Special glass (Radiation-resistant glass, devitrified glass, opalescent glass)

Borosilicate glass

Toughened glass ,Durable window
Optical lens

A variety of prism

Camera, camera with color filter effects, all kinds of filter (optical) microscopy, UV microscopy, sky mirror, infrared filters.

Modification chip

Infrared emitting diode, infrared phototransistor, violet diodes, optoelectronic devices silicon photocell.